An orthodontist is a tooth alignment specialist, helping children, teens, and adults correct various problems that result in misaligned teeth. Not only can misaligned teeth cause problems with one’s confidence and self-esteem, it may also cause other oral health concerns or even loss of the teeth. Visiting an orthodontics Wareham reduces worry while helping you straighten the teeth.

Most people who go to the orthodontist do so for braces to help straighten their teeth. Braces straighten teeth and help close spaces between the teeth. It generally takes one to three years to resolve this problem, though the time that is needed varies from one person to the next. Do not get the wrong impression of braces. Technology has greatly improved over the years and those big, bulky metal braces are no longer the only option. In fact, many patients who need braces use Invisalign, a type of clear braces that is nearly invisible to the eye.

Crooked teeth, crowding, and overbite problems are also those that an orthodontist is trained to handle for his patients. Some people wrongly assume that these issues aren’t of big concern, but the truth is, left untreated, an array of health concerns are possible. This includes gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Those with issues such as those listed are also affected by low self-esteem, which is itself a problem that can be overburdening.

An orthodontist is a trained dentist who helps solve tooth alignment issues such as those listed above. You will not visit the orthodontist as you would a general dentist, but instead on a needed case. Although braces are the most common service offered, there are many others that you can turn to the orthodontist to resolve. It is recommended that all children visit the orthodontist at least once by age 7, reducing risk of problems and enabling faster, better treatment.