• A Very Brief Explanation Of The Arc Flash Hazard And What Gets Done About It

    A Very Brief Explanation Of The Arc Flash Hazard And What Gets Done About It

    Three key features of qualified risk management for commercial premises and good housekeeping in general are being mentioned here. The first is the occurrence of an arc flash. Second, a very brief explanation is given on why this arc flash then becomes a hazard to business premises owners and their occupants. Finally, the response to this occurrence rounds off this reminder to all business owners to give serious consideration to contracting professional and licensed risk management practitioners on an ongoing basis.

    No commercial or residential lot will be without it. All buildings on a large scale will have a complex network of electrical installations, whether these boards are outdated or brand new, installed as recommended and mandated. With electrical installations on such a scale there will always be the potential for an arc flash occurrence. It can be so minute that it is hardly noticed by the layman. Nevertheless, left unattended, the flash will widen and disastrous consequences could be the result.

    The arc flash, no matter how small its occurrence, will always be a hazard, given its potential to cause damage to property and severely injure people in close proximity to a sudden arc flash. Never mind what happens when the flash occurs, they say prevention is better than the cure. To this end, property owners should always keep a qualified risk management team with specialization in electrical work and arc flash hazard analysis on its books.

    A regular inspection using no more than a small, portable hand-held device can detect potential faults, and arrange for necessary maintenance and repair work long before an arc flash needs to occur. But of course, should such an incident occur, the response is generally swift, provided that it is professionally managed.